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LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “NEFTEPROMINVEST” was registered in the Russian Ministry of Energy Inter-district Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 46 City of MOSCOW on December 20th 2005 and the Company was assigned with OGRN 1057749621071 and the TIN 7722565370.

CEO: Ulybin Rodion Konstantinovich

The founders of the company according to the Statistician’s data for January 2008:


Founders of the company according to the Statistician for August 2009:


The founders of the company according to the Statistician’s data for January 2010:

  • Citizens of Russia (2);

Founders of the company according to the Statistician for August 2010:

  • Citizens of Russia (4) (98%);
  • LLC Management Company “Reliable Management” (share of participation – 2%) ;

The founders of the company according to the Statistician data for August 2012:

  • LLC Management Company “Reliable Management” (share of participation – 2%) ;
  • Citizens of Russia (4) (98%);

The founders of the company according to the Stats of the General Manager for October 2012:

  • Citizens of Russia (3) (share of participation – 98%);
  • LLC Management Company “Reliable Management” (share of participation – 2%) ;

Founders of the company according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities for February 2012:

  • Limited Liability Company Managing Company “Reliable Management” (2% share) ;
  • HUSEYNOV ELDAR KYAMILEVICH (share of participation – 29.75%) ;
  • PISKAREVA GALINA ANATOLYEVNA (share of participation – 12.75%) ;
  • KUVAYEV IGOR VASILIEVICH (share of participation – 15%) ;
  • TULIN ALEXANDER VASILIEVICH (share of participation – 40.5%) ;

Our goal and focus is to exploit producing oil & gas fields in Russia and abroad ensuring a maximum effective and integrated recovery of hydrocarbon resources. In order to realize this Mission,  LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “NEFTEPROMINVEST”  oil Refinery has the following competitive advantages which endeavor wide experience in developing complex reservoirs, primarily, fractured basement reservoirs, hydrophobic fractured carbonate reservoirs, terrigenous thin block structures successful experience of cost-effective operations in small fields with out-of-balance development systems; knowledge of the work’s specifics in various regions of the world.

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LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “NEFTEPROMINVEST” oil Refinery is one of the integrated Privately owned oil producing enterprise in Russia. On technology, the refinery is oriented onto processing of most of Russia oil. The key target of LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “NEFTEPROMINVEST” oil Refinery is an output of exportable products in required volume for meeting needs of the country and in appropriate quality for compliance of world market requirements. The basis for achievement of this objective is creating of up-to-date production facilities as the result of revamping, upgrading and retooling of existing production. Presently the favorable opportunities have showed for development in LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “NEFTEPROMINVEST” oil Refinery.

In 2014, the Company’s refineries processed 99.8 million tons of oil, with domestic refining volumes accounting for almost one-third of the country’s total refining output. The summary capacity of these enterprises exceeds 700 thousand tons per year in commodities, specifically, it makes up over 500 thousand tons of oils per year.

Company's Mission

Ensuring the progressive development of the Company as one of the largest vertically integrated Russian oil and gas producers, oil and gas refining and petrochemical products based on the effective management of shareholders’ assets, rational use of natural resources and corporate social responsibility.

In order to further economic growth, innovative development and strengthen its position as one of the leaders of the Russian oil industry, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “NEFTEPROMINVEST”:

– successfully implements programs to stabilize the volume of profitable oil and gas production at the license fields being developed;

– actively develops new deposits, including high-viscosity and difficult-to-recover oil in the Region;

– Increases production and sales of finished products of high competitiveness due to the development of oil refining and petrochemical industries;

– Effectively forms and implements innovative and directed engineering and technical policy.

The accumulated financial potential of the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “NEFTEPROMINVEST” allows today to carry out large investment projects both at the expense of own and borrowed funds, maintaining a high level of financial stability and liquidity.

Today, the refinery complex is a full-fledged participant in the Russian oil refining industry and produces highly competitive, environmentally friendly products, including Euro-5 diesel, aviation kerosene from RT, TS-1 and Jet A-1, high-index base oils of Group II and III. With the completion of the Project, it is planned to produce a wide range of products for the high conversion of oil.

Achievements in production, environmental, social activities, and high level of corporate governance, openness and transparency of the Company are highly appreciated by shareholders, business partners and the investment community as a whole.

Corporate social responsibility LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “NEFTEPROMINVEST” is aimed at creating efficient and safe jobs, social support for employees and their families, and maintaining a favorable environment in the regions of operation.